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Soft-Sided Sewing machine carrying case with zippered top $39.95



 Soft-Sided Sewing machine carrying case with zippered top; 16” wide x 8” deep, x 12” high; Made of durable nylon.  It’s piped and rimmed with leather-look vinyl, including carrying handle.  Also has sturdy shoulder carrying strap. Bag folds up to an easy storage size.  @$39.95

Roxanne Thimble; Size 5.5 $49.00

Roxanne Thimble; Size 5.5  $49.00  Roxanne Thimbles are American made to last a lifetime and are virtually impenetrable by needles. Each thimble is hand die cast using bronze or sterling silver.  Roxanne's Thimbles have an open face design, which allows for excess moisture evaporation and prevents oil build-up. Ergonomically designed for less stress on finger joints and is shaped like the human finger to like a glove. Quilters with long finger nails can finally quilt without sacrificing their stitch! The computer designed dimples are placed high and low, so that anyone can make use of them, and are exactly the right depth to control the needle without using the thumb.

Templates - Cardboard/traceable Misc. Includes bear, sun, fish, kite, apple, leaves, flowers, etc $3.00 each

Endless Cables II; Squares & Hexagons By Paul McDade $4.75



Endless Cables II; Squares & Hexagons By Paul McDade; Extra Special Products, 1992.   Basic 6 Pc Set makes custom cables for any 3” border & sashing.  Perfect endless cable for every quilting need.  Also good for garments, home décor items, crafts, etc. $4.75

Misc. Notions

Templates:  Garden Party; Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts & More; 3 Mylar templates in 3 sizes; have 1/2 seam markings $5.50

Omnigrid 2 1/2" ruler  $3.50

Press N' Sew Tool; Stelleto Point by ESP;  Hand Quilt Projects use presser edge to flatten seams;  Stelleto Point: Guiding fabric under the presser foot saves the fingers. $5.00

Nimble; The Soft Thimble; The soft leather "open" thimble conforms to the shape of your finger and feels like a supple second skin. Size Medium $5.00. 


Pins - Quilters

Pins – Quilting

Quilter’s Safety Pins; 1 inch; 100 per box; $4.00/box

·         Pins are rust resistant

·         For basting quilts, jewelry making and crafts

·         Nickel-Plated Steel.

·         100 in plastic bos

 Quilting Pins by W. H. Collins, Inc.; Extra Long 1 ¾” Super Strong $4.25

Quilting Pins by W. H. Collins, Inc.; Smooth, Fine, Sharp 0.60 MM Steel Shaft; Extra Long 1¾” Super Strong @$4.00


Esther’s Embroidery Needles (vintage)  $2.50

Coats & Clark Sewing Needles; Size 9 (Embroidery/Crewel) (16 needles on card) $3.00 ea.

Colonial; Embroidery/Crewel needles; Size 10; 16 needles  $3.50

Colonial; Crewel 0804 Embroidery needles; Size 3/9; 16 needles $3.50

Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles 15pc. Between Size 12.  $2.40

Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles 15 pc. Applique Size 9; $2.40

John James Gold Needles / Cross Stitch Size 28 (3 needles per card) $3.00ea. (have more than 1)

John James Gold Needles / Needlepoint Size 20 (3 needles per card) $3.00 ea. (have more than 1)

Pins - Straight

Pins – pictured left to right

Left Top: Small box; 1 ¼”; guessing couple hundred pins $2.50/box

Left Bottom: Plastic box; 1 1/8”; guessing couple hundred pins $2.50/box

In Middle: Dritz Silk Pins; Nickle plated brass; For general sewing; Size/No. 17 – 1& 1/16in (2.7cm); 1/4llb in plastic box $10.00

On Right: Dritz Precision Point Pins; Super Steel Microground 1&1/16 long straight pins; 1lb. box  $10.00

Dritz Precision Point Pins; Super Steel Microground; 1” long straight pins (350 pins in envelope) $2.00 (not in picture)

Notions (3)

Notions (3)

Transfer Pen; by EZ International; Transfer any design the easy way $2.50

The Quilter’s Edge Lite; HeatnBond For accurate machine piecing. ¼” by 20 yds.;  Bias strip piecing without puckering or fraying; ¼” evenly matched seams.  $3.00

Bias Tape Maker; Makes ½” tape for sewing craft projects $3.25

Notions (2)

Notions (2)

June Tailor Scissors & Rotary Cutter Case; Holds any size and model scissors or rotary cutter; See-through outside pockst for extra blades or ruler; Spring hinge closure for safety and convenience.   $4.50

Cutter Cubby by EZ Quilting;  Use to store cutter or hold like a pencil holder at work area  $4.50

Fray Check; A liquid seam sealant that preents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends $3.00

Quilt bands for holding quilt while machine quilting; plastic.  Set of 3  $5.00 (have 2 sets)

Pressing Cloths

SOLD -June Tailor Teflon Pressing Sheet; Protect your iron and ironing Board from fusible web residue; The perfect pressing tool for applique projects; Withstands the highest heat setting on your iron.  Generous 18" x 18" size.  $9.00

Sullivans specially treated Pressing Cloth;  Use for putting in and taking out pleats; use on smaller hems, neckties and veils.  Just put cloth over garment, dampen, apply iron and press!  Special chemicals react with the heat and steam of your iron to set sharp pleats.  The chemicals won't harm your fabrics.  Wash in cold water to get up to 1000 uses!  $8.00

Scissors - Misc.

Babylock kit; 4 ½” scissors; & 3 ½” scissors; & 5” tweezers; in clear vinyl storage case @$13.00

Scissors - 3 1/2" blunt point $2.50

Scissors - 3 1/2" bent tip $2.50

Grant 8" Sheers (used) $5.00

Stork 3 1/2" fine point; gold color embroidery/craft scissors (made in Pakistan) $7.00

Seams Great; Sheer Bias Seam Finish

Seams Great; Sheer Bias Seam finish for any fabric.  10 yds. x 1 ¼” wide; Covers and protects all fabrics without adding bulk; Color: Black.  100% Nylon;  Washable; Dry Cleanable; Colorfast. $3.50/roll (I have 2 rolls)

Buttons - $5.00 for all pictured

My Quilt Journal; A Timeless Treasure for My Loved Ones; from Quilt-Lover's Favorites, $8.00

View-A-Strip by Kaye Wood $4.00















View-A-Strip by Kaye Wood; Kaye Wood Publishing.  This is the original View and Do tool Insert the sliding bar into the slots, and adjust to desired width of strip from 1/2" to 3" Lay on top of the fabric to VIEW how your strip will look. VIEW-A-STRIP as it will look in your quilt. VIEW-A-STRIP of florals, stripes and plaids. VIEW-A-STRIP horizontally or vertically (View-A-Strip as it will look in your quilt; of florals, stripes & plaids; horizontally or vertically as shown in the Strip Quilting books by Kaye Wood.) 

Treasure Tissue (for quilt storage) $8.95/package












Treasure Tissue (for quilt storage); 20 sheets 20” x 20”; Tissue is neutral pH, recommended by conservators for storage of cotton textile such as quilts. Ordinary tissue contains acidity which is harmful to most fabrics. @$8.95/ package

18” Quilting/Needlework Wooden Hoop; ¾” wide with metal tightening bolt to hold the work securely $9.00

DMC Perle Cotton Size 3; 15mm. @$1.25 each

This is the heaviest weight perle cotton sold by DMC and it is sold in comes in a 16.4-yard skeins. Perle 3 is most commonly used for canvas work and hardanger. It works well on 12- or 13-count mono canvas for tent stitching. It has also been used on 10-count plastic canvas.  I have colors: #640 Very Dk. Beige Gray; #782 Dk.Topaz; #783 Med. Topaz; #801 Brown; #890 Dk. Hunter (2); #938 Ultra Dr. Coffee Brown; #3345 Green; #3347 Sage Green & part of a pack of #3 Black skein

Thread - Hooks & eyes

Thread: Tire Sewing Thread; 100% Silk thread by Clover Needlecraft, Inc. @$6.50 Color #134 Lavender; Art. 3701; Size #50


Thread: Coats Dual Duty Plus Buttonhole Twist “Topstitching”; Mercerized cotton covered polyester; Art. 250; Color (brown) T7 @$1.99 ea.


Box of vintage hooks & eyes  $1.00

Dritz Ball Point Bodkin; Turn bias tubing; Insert elastic in casings; Ribbon weaving.  For more intricate needlework, the Dritz Ball Point Bodkin 7'' is a handy tool to have in your sewing kit. This slender 7-inch bodkin needle is light and handy, while being efficient and functional. It features a ballpoint end, making it perfect to thread trims and weave ribbons. It's also a quick and effective means of turning bias tubing for button loops, frog closures, inserting elastic into casings and more.   $4.75

Clover Seam ripper (SOLD); Clover Double Needle Threader @$3.99; Strawberry Pin cushion @$.99

Magazine File Holders

 Perma Magazine Files (letter size) 4”w x 11 ½”h x 9”d  Attractive granite pattern, heavy corrugated construction folded flat. (Easy to Assemble)  Economical filing for magazines with open style for easy reference. (2) Magazine files are packaged in cellophane.   (I have 4 packs) $5.00 per pack of (2) file boxes

Alvin Isometric Sketching Pad 8.5” x11” $5.25


























Alvin Isometric Sketching Pad 8.5” x11” 30 Sheets No. 1242-1 Non-photo blud grid. Ideal for mechanical drawing or design needs, especially machine design, architecture and patent office drafting. Drawings on these sheets can be scaled in three main directions, the axes of which are 120° apart, one being vertical, the other at 30° from the horizontal. $5.25

Cambridge Stiff Back Planning Pad by Mead; Extra smooth bond paper, durable protective cover with perforated tear off sheets; Quad Rule - 4 sq/in., 80 Sheets, 8 1/2" x 11 3/4" $3.50

Viking "Lily" machine manual $10.00

Craft storage boxes

Top: Craft Storage Box; 4 ½” x 8 ½” x 1 ¼”; Clear plastic with 6 compartments $4.50

Bottom: Craft Storage Box; 3 ½” x 4 ½” x ¾”; Clear plastic with 7 compartments $2.00 each (perfect for bobbins)

Lucite jewelry box & storage containers













Left: Lucite jewelry box/storage container with lid; 4" x 6" x 1 1/4" with blue felt bottom $2.00

Right: (5) Lucite storage containers; 1 1/8" square x 3 1/8" High $1.00 each

Craft Accent Items

Craft Accent Items

$1.00  Garden Accents; Ladybug on leaf; approximate size 1” x 2”                                       

$3.00 Minature Walrus; by Hage-Remaker                                    

$1.00 Holiday Angel by Sticklers; Temporary or Permanent Applique;  approximate size 2 1/8” x 2 3/8”

$.39  Craft “oval eyes”; 8 in package 



China Markers - T-Pins - Pocket knife - Scissors


China Markers; Berol Blaisdell; Black 173T $.50 each

China Markers; Berol Blaisdell; Yellow 170T $.50 each

T-Pins; Labelon Nickel plated brass; 48 pins 1 ¾” pins $1.50

Knife/scissor pocket knife $2.00

Scissor; Small curved; 3 12 (used) $1.50

Shoulder pads $1.00 each

Hooks & Eyes; & Thimble

Hooks & eyes – vintage $1.00


SOLD -Thimble with stamped pictures of camel, hut, tree, cactus, etc. $1.00